We believe in honesty because trust is the basis of all types of relationships. Our goal is to build an enriching customer relationship based on appreciation and respect.

Material composition, manufacturing locations, certificates and prices are communicated on each product based on The Core's values.

As part of a whole, we all bear ecological, economic and social responsibility. We carry social responsibility for our environment and for each other every day because we depend on each other. Ecologically we take on responsibility for our planet because it is our only home.

As entrepreneur and founder of The Core Label, I have more economic resources available through the income generated through consumption, which transfers more responsibility to us.

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Natural & Certified Materials

There are no plastic particles in any of our fabrics.

Why did I decide against plastic and recycled plastic in materials with The Core Label?

With every wash, microplastic particles are released into our groundwater, which pollute our seas. This not only leads to massive environmental damage, but also damages all living organisms on this planet.

Unnecessary and superfluous, we rely exclusively on natural materials.

Made in Germany & Europe

We mainly source our fabrics and ingredients from Germany and produce our products in Europe by certified sustainable and ethically qualified companies.

In this way, we keep transport routes short and ensure fair working conditions.

Overview of Certificates

On every The Core Label article you will find the respective certificates with which the materials, the manufacturers of the materials, the ingredients and the producers are equipped.

Here you can find out more about what these certificates mean in detail.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading standard setters to define globally recognized requirements for organic textiles. GOTS-certified textiles offer consumers credible security, from harvesting the raw materials to environmentally and socially compatible production and labelling.


OEKO-TEX® enables consumers and companies to make responsible choices that preserve our planet for future generations.

OEKO-TEX® consists of 17 independent research and testing institutes in Europe and Japan. They are responsible for the collaborative development of the test methods and limits that underpin our standards.


Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a non-profit coalition of manufacturers, farmers and intermediaries around the world, formed to make global cotton production more environmentally friendly and enable a future for the sector by eliminating the use of pesticides and water is reduced.


European Flax certifies the 100% origin of linen materials with respect for the environment based on three key principles:

no irrigation, no waste, no genetically modified organisms (GMO)


Bluesign is a sustainability standard for the production of textiles, which particularly takes aspects of chemical safety into account and is at the same time a textile seal.

Bluesign considers the entire textile value chain with a focus on chemical processes.

Through on-site chemical inventory assessments, Bluesign and its partners take a holistic approach to improve environmental performance, working conditions, and resource consumption.

This guarantees the highest level of safety for people, planet and consumers.

Bremen Environmental Institute

The Bremer Umweltinstitut GmbH is an independent and accredited analysis and research institute with decades of experience in the field of pollutant testing. For 3 decades, one focus of her work has been advising, exploring, examining and evaluating indoor pollutants, as well as examining textiles and consumer goods (product testing area).

Textile Alliance Germany

The German Alliance for Sustainable Textiles is committed to a social, ecological and corruption-free textile and clothing industry - an industry that respects the rights of all employees, that protects the climate and environment, that acts with integrity and within the planetary boundaries.

The Core Vintage Shop For a Closed Product Cycle

Our products, our responsibility, even beyond the sales.

I want to make it easy for our customers through The Core Vintage Shop to pass on unused clothing and not to throw it away. All of our products are core designs that can be individually integrated into the wardrobe for a long time. In combination with maximum quality standards, this makes them timeless companions.

Social Projects

My project at heart is to actively support social projects with a donation for every purchase. For this reason I have decided to donate 2 EURO of each purchase. Under the category The Core Label Mission we present the social project OCLEAN that we currently support. We would like to expand our project portfolio over time. I look forward to suggestions or exchanges with you in this regard. Feel free to write to us under the category "contact us".

Together We Make It Possible

I am a team player.

In cooperation with sustainable start-up companies, we develop ingredients without plastic and together we strengthen the production of plastic-free and sustainable ingredients by sharing the development and minimum quantities, because sustainability is not a marketing tool, but an attitude and part of our The Core Label core values.

The dimension of time brings change with it. The past few years have shown us how quickly basic living conditions, needs and challenges can change. Continuous changes often require strength, but also give us the chance to break new ground.

With The Core Label I try to keep my finger on the pulse. To constantly question, reflect and challenge ourselves.

Through scientific studies, podcasts, field reports, we make it our task to continuously question and optimize materials, processes, ingredients, supply chains and ourselves as founders.

The Core Label is inclusive and for everyone. We live diversity. For me, this means that diverse voices are heard, brought into decision-making processes and made visible.

Since there is still an imbalance in the presence of women, POC, LGBTQ, CIS and other social groups, we will consciously strengthen them with The Core Label.