Welcome to The Core Label!

My name is Annabell and I put all my love and passion for fashion into this passion project. The idea behind The Core Label came from my deep belief that it is time to make a lasting change in the way we consume clothing.

My fascination for textiles, shapes and cuts has accompanied me my entire life. After studying at university, I started my career in the textile industry, where I was able to gain a wealth of experience in the areas of goods control, procurement, logistics and, above all, sustainability. Over time, I realized that the traditional model, based on short-term trends, overproduction and high discounts, was no longer relevant and was not sustainable in any way.

It's time for change - to take new paths and rethink the consumption of fashion. At The Core Label, the focus is on the facets of exceptional fabrics, catchy details and precise tailoring. Our designs combine a timeless and classic perspective with a modern and visionary attitude. Simple shapes become wardrobe centerpieces that are relevant not only today but also for all future generations.

My mission is to celebrate the wonderful impact and art of fashion while at the same time taking responsibility for the environment. Each piece from The Core Label is carefully designed to easily adapt to all body shapes while providing a sustainable alternative. I believe that fashion can not only be beautiful, but also conscious.

I invite you to become part of our journey as we change the world of fashion together and contribute to a more sustainable future. The Core Label isn't just about clothing - it's about a movement for conscious consumption and timeless elegance.